A Mount Airy Bed & Breakfast Inn - Mt Airy, NC - Near Mayberry North Carolina & the Blue Ridge Parkway

Beautiful for all seasons............Mount Airy's weather is the best! Being native Floridian's we are enjoying the seasons. The average temperature in January is 45 degrees and climbs each month to an average of 68 degrees by April. The summer tempatures begin at an average of 82 degrees for June and climb to 85 degrees by August on average. Fall in incredable with temeratures in the 70's for September and October providing the most colorful leaves in the state. WInter begins in November with average's in the high 50's and droping to high 40's for the Holidays.

  • July is the average warmest month.
  • The highest recorded temperature was 105°F in 1954.
  • January is the average coolest month.
  • The lowest recorded temperature was -10°F in 1985.
  • The maximum average precipitation occurs in May.